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The Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board (GCCWB) is made up of a group of volunteers who are appointed by the County Commissioners Court to work with Child Protective Services Caseworkers. GCCWB is vital in order to meet the tangible needs of children in Guadalupe County receiving CPS Services. Each member has gone through a screening process and is committed to supporting these children to the best of their ability.

These dedicated individuals, who are not paid, work at a grassroots level to develop programs. Our mission is to help the citizens gain knowledge about the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect in our community.

GCCWB supports all caseworkers who ask for assistance with the financial needs of children in Guadalupe County involved with CPS – Including relatives who ask for help with emergency placement needs of children placed into their homes when removed from parents.


The Mission of the Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board is to work to meet the needs of abused and neglected children in our community, and to assist foster parents and Child Protective Services in aiding the children under their care.


The Vision of GCCWB is to be a support network for the vulnerable children and families promoting prevention of child abuse and neglect so that all children live in a loving, nurturing, and safe environment.

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Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board

GCCWB receives funds from Guadalupe County Commissioners Court each year. These allocated funds that are managed by the County Auditors Office, must be spent on items that go directly to the children in CPS Custody.   


Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board -  Supporters   

GCCWB Supporters a non-profit 501c3 group that supports the Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board and raises funds to purchase items not covered by the County funds. The Supporters hold fundraisers and receive donations to stock the Rainbow Room, reimburse items to families in need to include paying rent, electric bills, home inspections for them to become a Foster Home, fire extinguishers, fingerprints, etc. (Any items not covered that do not go directly to the children).  


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2019-2020 FISCAL YEAR
  • Back to School Items $6771.00

  • Christmas $5477.33

  • Rainbow Room & CPS Direct Requests $26,329.62

TOTAL SPENT $38,577.95

on CPS caseworkers, children, and families in Guadalupe County


See How Your Donations

Are Being Used


GCCWB Supporters held their two (2) yearly scheduled fundraisers, one which was the annual Super Hero 5K Fun Run which generated $11,000.00 and the profit was split with the Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center.


The second yearly fundraiser was the Ugly Sweater Dinner Party which generated $5,603.04 and all proceeds went to GCCWB Supporters and spent on Back to school items, Christmas gifts for the children, Rainbow Room & other items directly related to the children of Guadalupe County.


Due to COVID-19 both fundraisers for GCCWB had to be suspended.  Due to the lack of these additional funds, GCCWB Supporters has been forced to cut back on all budgeted amounts that directly affect the vulnerable children and families we assist in Guadalupe County. 


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