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GCCWB & day1bags partnering with you!


Supporting our Children by Equipping our Law Enforcement personnel

GCCWB is helping implement the distribution of A Serenity Activity Pack or "ASAP bag" to all of our Guadalupe County Law Enforcement agencies.  Nearly 300 patrol vehicles will be equipped with an "ASAP Bag", so when officers encounter traumatized children during traffic stops, DWI’s, domestic violence calls, CPS removals, house fires, etc., the officer can open the bag and give the child an item/s from the bag to include an age-appropriate toy, a soft warm blanket, a bottle of water, a snack size bag of goldfish crackers, etc. In the event the child is being removed from the residence or scene and they are carrying their clothes in a trash bag, the officer may give the child the duffle bag and the Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board will obtain a replacement bag for the officer through day1bags.  The project was created to give officers a tool to help build trust with the traumatized children they encounter daily and to give children something positive and comforting to focus on during a traumatic event.  Read more about Hunter Beaton, Founder and CEO of day1bags...

Hunter Beaton, founder and CEO of day1 bags is graciously purchasing the bags for each county through donations that his organization receives. To learn more about this young man’s story and his many adventures that began at the young age of 15, google Hunter Beaton or visit  Hunter Beaton and day1bags has donated the initial 75 prefilled bags (estimated value of $1,875) to the Guadalupe County Child Welfare Board and those bags have been delivered to the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office. There are approximately 225 patrol vehicles remaining that need items. The estimated value of each bag is $25 per bag.

Each county's Child Welfare Board is responsible for gathering the items to fill and replenish the bags through donations from the community, businesses, churches, and supporters like yourself!  Visit to learn more about Hunter and opportunities to help support such a worthy cause. 



If you would like to purchase ASAP bags for Guadalupe County Law Enforcement vehicles, click the link below and they will be donated and shipped to GCCWB.

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If you would like to help fill the ASAP bags to be placed in the Guadalupe County Law Enforcement vehicles, choose one of the options below. 


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